What are the labs at the Department of Engineering Design?

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The Engineering Design Department at IIT Madras houses some of the finest engineering labs in the country, each specializing in different spheres of research and academia. These labs play a central role in the course curriculum as well as research advancements made on campus. Some of the prominent labs here are:

  • Design and Manufacturing Lab: This lab focuses on various avenues of product design through inclusion of Computer-aided design (CAD), and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) which allow for rapid prototyping of ideas. Through its powerful computational setup, this lab helps check the feasibility of innovations in seconds.
  • Robotics and Automation Lab: This lab is one of the leading cornerstones of research and development of robotic and automated systems. Through its wide range of robotic platforms, sensors and control systems, researchers work on the design and manufacture of complex autonomous robots, human-robot interaction systems and industrial automation.
  • Human-Centered Design Lab: This lab applies human anatomy and ergonomics to design better products. It conducts studies on human tendencies, preferences and limitations to help optimize development of products and systems. It is equipped with tools for usability testing, eye-tracking, and virtual reality simulations.
  • Sustainable Design Lab: This lab focuses on sustainable engineering practices that drastically lower our ecological footprint through its various instruments for energy monitoring and analysis. Research here is mainly done on developing eco-conscious systems, such as energy-efficient construction, renewable energy systems, and optimal waste management solutions.
  • Materials Design Lab: This lab specializes in characterization and production of advanced materials for various engineering applications through research done on material synthesis, processing and optimization. This lab houses scanning electron microscopes and spectroscopy tools to test and design better materials.
  • Product Innovation Lab: This lab’s primary focus is the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in engineering. It provides a holistic environment for students and faculty alike to ideate, prototype and validate their innovations. Through means of 3D printers, electronic prototyping tools and design thinking workshops, this lab facilitates the most talented students to realize their dreams.
  • Computational Design Lab: This lab employs computational modeling and simulation techniques to optimize product design and performance. Through computer aided engineering tools and mathematical analysis in the form of finite element method, computational fluid dynamics and algorithms, complex engineering problems are tackled here.

Through these labs, and over hundred others on campus, IIT Madras provides a conducive environment for interdisciplinary research and technological innovation. These labs serve as important hotspots for collaboration in students, faculty as well as industrial entities, contributing to the modernization of engineering as we see it. 

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