Programs Offered : Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

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Begin an enthralling journey at IIT Madras' Department of Ocean Engineering, where a world of possibilities awaits you. This department is dedicated to fostering your passion and shaping you into a true engineer, offering a diverse range of programs focused on naval architecture and ocean engineering.


First up, we have the BTech in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, which allows you to understand various areas of naval architecture and ocean engineering.

Dual Degree and MTech

The department also offers a range of B.Tech. and MTech programs, which include dual degrees in ocean engineering and naval architecture, as well as MTechs in ocean structures, ocean technology, and petroleum engineering, giving you the freedom to pursue additional education and specialization in the field of ocean engineering.

Inter-Disciplinary Dual Degree

However, if one wishes to do their MTech in another field such as Data Science, Robotics, Tech MBA, etc. IIT Madras provides its students with an opportunity to convert to IDDD (Inter-Disciplinary Dual Degree) where you can pursue a masters in the field of your choice, under the condition that you have a good CGPA. 

One can pursue a dual degree in any of the following disciples:

  1.  Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 

  2.  Biomedical Engineering 

  3.  Computational Engineering 

  4.  Data Science 

  5.  Energy Systems 

  6.  Robotics 

  7.  TechMBA 

  8.  Quantum Science and Technology (QuST) 

  9.  Complex Systems and Dynamics 

  10.  Cyber-Physical Systems 

  11.  Electric Vehicles

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