Branch Change - Explained

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Branch change is a procedure that allows students to switch their academic majors at the end of their first semester. Students who excel academically during their first year are eligible to apply for a branch change. The number of available spots in the desired branch determines the selection process, as only a limited number of students will be granted the opportunity to switch.

Rules for Branch Change

  • Branch change requests will only be evaluated at the end of the first semester. The evaluation for branch changes will primarily rely on the performance in two specific courses: MA1101 and PH1010, as indicated by the Grade Point Average (GPA). If there is a tie in the evaluation, the overall GPA of the first semester will be taken into consideration to determine the eligibility for branch change.

  • Students who have successfully completed the first semester of all their courses will be considered eligible for a change of branch, provided there are available vacancies.

  • During branch change, it is ensured that the class size does not decrease by more than 10% or exceed the sanctioned capacity by more than 10%. In this context, the class strength refers to the total number of students in the class.

  • Even if a student with a lower GPA meets the eligibility criteria mentioned above, they will not be offered a particular branch if another student with a higher GPA was not offered the same branch due to other constraints.

It is to be expected that obtaining a branch change to your desired department requires a significant amount of effort, particularly when the branch you are targeting is accessible to students with higher rankings. Based on your performance so far, you can roughly gauge the things you need to do to secure a change of branch.

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