IDDD- Complex systems and dynamics

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What is Complex systems?

Complex systems and dynamics refers to a field of study that focuses on the analysis of the behavior of interconnected and interdependent ‘emergent systems’. These systems are found in various domains including physics, chemistry, biology, and economics. The study of properties and characteristics of ‘emergent’ systems is hugely beneficial for industrial use. Dynamics, in the context of complex systems, is the study of evolution and change within the systems over time. It involves examination of patterns, trends and trajectories of system behavior, often employing mathematical and computational simulations. Study of these systems is crucial for understanding real-world systems, and predicting their responses to abrupt changes, and transitions. 

Course Structure

The course curriculum consists of three compulsory core courses:

  • Complex Networks
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Mathematical and Numerical Techniques

The IDDD is a 160 credit program with 30 credits assigned to core courses, 45 to electives and the majority of credits coming from Projects with 85 credits. This gives students a change to develop hands-on research-oriented mindsets. The electives are designed to allow students to gain further depth into interdisciplinary avenues within the program with options from Data Science, High performance Computing as well as a mix of elective courses from other engineering fields. This ensures students relate traditional skills to newer approaches to complex dynamic systems.


A B.Tech student of IIT Madras in any discipline (except biosciences) is eligible to upgrade/opt for this programme provided the student has a CGPA of 8.0 or above up to the 5th semester.

Future Avenues

The course opens up significant future prospects in various fields:

  • Research and academia
  • Systems biology and medicine
  • Urban planning and transportation
  • Environmental science and sustainability
  • Social Sciences and economics
  • Data science and AI
  • Policy-making and framework development

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