What is RP?

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Research and Professional Practice or RP is an extensive and detailed parameter of NIRF that assesses an institute's research output quality and the diverse opportunities for professional growth. It meticulously evaluates publication quantity and quality, patent counts, and the institute's footprint in projects, professional practice, and executive development programs, drawing data from credible and varied sources for comprehensive evaluation. The sub-parameters of RP are as follows:

  • Combined metric for Publications (PU) - 30 marks: PU is based on the count of publications as available from Web of Science, Scopus, Indian Citation Index, etc., and divided by the faculty-student ratio.

  • Combined metric for Quality of Publications (QP) - 40 marks: It takes into account the citation count over 3 years, total number of publications, field normalized citation index and the number of publications in the top 25 percentile averaged over the past three years.

  • IPR and Patents: Patents Filed, Published, Granted and Licensed (IPR) - 15 marks: Patents Filed, Published, Granted and Licensed (IPR) - 15 marks: The IPR score is a culmination of the number of patents filed over the past three years, patents granted over the past three years, the number of patents published, earning from the patents over the past three years and the nominal number of faculty as calculated for FSR.

  • Footprint of Projects, Professional Practice and Executive Development Programs (FPPP) - 15 marks: This takes into account 3 years’ average earnings at the Institute level from research funding, consultancy project funding, and earnings from Executive Development Programs.

You can view the scores of IIT Madras in each of the above categories here. To get information on other IITs, visit here.

The IIT Madras Research Portal takes pride in 44824 publications in total, by 632 authors across 16 research units. The IRINS portal gives a count of 1562 publications. According to the Indian Citation Index, 19.71% of publications from IIT Madras have around 25.71% citations. IIT Madras has an average of 160 patents filed and published annually in recent years. IIT Madras has a significant footprint of the projects and professional practice in terms of research and consultancy funding touching averages of nearly 160 crores in the past 3 years and an average annual earning of 10-11 crores in the past three years from nearly 110 Executive Development Programs. The Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE), IIT Madras has been launching a series of certification programs in areas that have high demand and are currently relevant and cutting edge. These programs are of duration anywhere between 1-6/9/12 months and are offered in the online mode. CODE IITM conducts certification programs for the exclusive upskilling of professionals already in the industry. 

IIT Madras tops the RP score by a very high margin compared to the other IITs.

This content on this page is provided by a current student or an alumnus of IIT Madras. While we follow best practices, it is possible that there are errors, or the content is incomplete. When in doubt, always verify with an official source.

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