Does IITM offer minor programs and how useful are they?

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Great news! IITM offers minor programs to give students more academic flexibility. Here are some important details you need to know:

Academic Flexibility: Students can choose almost 40% of their courses. This means you have a lot of options to tailor your education to your interests and goals.

Minor Programs: If a student chooses 4 elective courses in one contiguous area, they will get a minor in that field. For example, if a student chooses four courses from Economics, s/he will be conferred a Minor in Economics. You can also choose from other fields, ranging from sociology, philosophy and economics to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. More details can be seen here.

Semester Exchange: Studying abroad is also an option. IITM has partnerships with almost 300 prestigious universities across the world. You can apply to spend an entire semester at one of these universities and earn credits that will be transferred to your IITM grade sheet.

Electives, minors and semester exchanges offer great opportunities for students to explore their interests!

Having a minor can be very helpful in placements (the details of which you can explore here) and when making career plans. They also provide added flexibility when choosing higher studies. Sometimes, a combination (such as mechanical + economics) is great at helping students become even more specialised in certain roles. Of late, we've seen interesting major-minor combinations be sought after by recruiters.

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