What are the different cultural and technical clubs on the campus? How many can we join? What kinds of activities are conducted by them?

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You'll be swamped with extra-curricular options at IITM. The good news is - there's no limit on the number of clubs or activities you can be part of. The bad news is - you'll have a tough time picking what to be part of. 

You'll find cultural clubs clubbed under the umbrella body Sangam for drama, music, choreography, fine arts, comedy, oratory, e-sports, informals, word games, media, writing, quizzing, design & VFX, lifestyle and classical arts. These clubs handle events of their own category in the IITM cultural festival Saarang. In case you want to start your own club or interest group, the institute will support you and help you set it up.

Now on to technical activities. The Center for Innovation (CFI) is currently the largest umbrella entity with many technological and innovative clubs within it. Some of these are the 3-D Printing Club, Aero Club, Computer Vision and Intelligence Group (CVIG), Electronics Club, i-Bot Club, Programming Club, Team Envisage (the Techno-Entertainment Club) and Team Sahaay. The CFI also houses some renowned competition teams like Anveshak (which builds rovers that scale harsh terrains), Abhiyaan (which builds Intelligent Autonomous Ground Vehicles), Avishkar (that's building a Hyperloop Pod to represent IIT Madras at SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition) and Team Raftar (the Student Formula Racing Club of IIT Madras and among the best student teams in the country!).

Each club has its own process to join, but attend any event or meet hosted by them and you'll easily figure it out (especially as each club is quite active in communicating with its members on mail and Whatsapp). Have fun!

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